Intensive School & Community Based Services

The goal of the ISCBS department is to support healthy youth development and behavioral health treatment while building positive relationships between staff members and the children we service.

Services Provided

  • In-school Behavioral Health Associate support
  • Summer, winter and spring break day programs
  • Denali Explorers preschool and early childhood program
  • Community-based and individualized services
  • Recreational Therapy

This department provides one-on-one and small group services to DFS clients in Anchorage and Mat-Su schools, at agency facilities and at community locations. Our department helps to manage difficult youth behavior while encouraging kids to learn skills that will help them cope with ongoing mental health challenges. Behavioral Health Associates (BHAs) provide behavioral, social, and emotional coaching and teaching for children in DFS services while engaging them in activities and supporting them in a variety of settings.

We believe that children must be engaged and involved in their mental health treatment in order to have success. We want kids to have fun and enjoy the time they spend in our services, while raising awareness of individual strengths, challenges and successes. We believe that kids are not defined by the behaviors they exhibit, and that healthy growth and change will occur if they are supported, validated and cared for. Our department personnel are trained to provide structure and consistency for clients, while treating them with empathy and understanding.