Music Therapy

Music Therapy is succinctly defined as Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC), using researched-backed music-based interventions, to help an individual work towards their clinical goals.

Music Therapy can help address a variety of needs including the development of social/behavioral skills, the acquisition of healthy calming and coping strategies, and improving one’s ability to identify and communicate emotions.

Individuals work towards their goals within a variety of therapeutic experiences including lyric discussion, songwriting, instrument playing, music-based games, and several other music therapy interventions that are intentionally planned and adapted to fit the needs and abilities of each youth.

Music therapy can be accessed at DFS through the youth’s treatment team. A MT-BC is on staff and ready to facilitate sessions in addition to the youth’s other services.


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Curious about Music Therapy in general? Please visit the American Music Therapy Association website at: