Our mission is to support the wellness of Alaska’s youth and families through community-based behavioral health services. The services we offer are designed to form an interlocking structure of support around the child and family.  This approach to care is known as a “wrap-around model.”  The various types of service are described below; however, every child and family’s services at DFS will be individualized to meet their specific needs.

Denali Family Services will not deny anyone access to services due to his/her inability to pay.

Our Services

Case Management
Case Managers advocate and ensure client’s rights are protected, help to develop a plan for services and resources, monitor progress, and participate in the evaluation process to ensure the plan is meeting the child and family’s needs. They locate resources as well as identify and assist in removing barriers to keep children and families moving forward.

Clinical Services
The clinical services department provides individual, family, and group therapy as well as psychiatric services such as medication management. Clinical services are individualized, strength-based, and are based on the principles of trauma-informed-care.

Music Therapy
Music therapy can be accessed at DFS through the youth’s treatment team. A MT-BC is on staff and ready to facilitate sessions in addition to the youth’s other services.

Denali Explorers
Denali Explorers serves young children ages 3-5 in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley that require emotional, social and behavioral support.

Intensive School & Community Based Services
The goal of the ISCBS department is to support healthy youth development and behavioral health treatment while building positive relationships between staff members and the children we service.

Therapeutic Foster Care
The Therapeutic Foster Care program allows children to remain in the community, offers support by way of respite for youth and families, and has become an effective alternative to residential and out of state care.

Transition to Independence Program
The Transition to Independence Program is for youth ages 14 to 24. The program is unique in that it focuses on a youth’s individual goals while helping them practice independent living skills, how to communicate goals and dreams to adults, how to seek support, and how to plan for their future.