Child-Parent Psychotherapy

February 28, 2019

Denali Family Services is proud to announce its participation in a multi-agency initiative to bring Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) to Alaska.  CPP is an evidence-based clinical model for treating children and infants ages birth to five who have experienced traumatic events or are experiencing difficulties with attachment or behavioral health.  What makes CPP unique is that it provides “dyadic” therapy, meaning that the clinician works with both the child and the parent to build attachment, bonding, regulation, and trust.

DFS is partnering with CODI, the Alaska Children’s Trust, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, The Mat-Su Health Foundation, Rock Mat-Su, the Alaska Court System, the Alaska Training Cooperative, the Alaska Division of Behavioral Health, and AK-AIMH to bring this training to Alaska.  For more information about the training, please visit our CPP Alaska page.

As we say goodbye to 2018, Denali Family Services is looking forward to another great year in 2019.  Major initiatives include implementing a new electronic health record, CareLogic, which will provide more robust scheduling, data analytics, and performance management functionality; making full use of a recently remodeled kitchen space in our Wasilla office, thanks to the generous support of MEA; and taking our Trailblazers program out into the great Alaska wilderness with an equipment trailer purchased through the generous support of GCI Alaska.

DFS is also leading a multi-agency collaborative to bring Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) training to Alaska.  In partnership with the Mat-Su Health Foundation, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Alaska Division of Behavioral Health, Alaska Association for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, and Compassionate Directions, we hope to train up to 30 mental health clinicians in the CPP model, a nationally recognized best practice for infant and early childhood mental health.

Finally, DFS is partnering with YWCA Alaska to conduct an agency-wide diversity and inclusion survey to ensure that our organization meets the highest standards of equity and social justice in the workplace.

These are a few of the exciting things happening in the coming year. We look forward to another great year of working with the community and other agency partners to serve Alaska’s children and families.

Denali Family Services has entered into a contract with Behavioral Health Response, a national provider of behavioral health support services, to fully transition intake and annual mental health assessments to telemedicine.  Through this arrangement, the organization anticipates decreased wait time for assessments, increased intake efficiency, and immediate cost-savings, allowing more financial resources to be invested in program activities and client services.

The Medicaid behavioral health system in Alaska has not received a full rate rebasement in 25 years.  Since that time, the cost of care has consistently increased, as the cost of employee wages, rent, utilities, insurance, and all other business expenses, have continued to rise with inflation.  The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is now proposing a behavioral health rate rebasement to bring reimbursement rates inline with service costs, as well as formula adjustment to allow for automatic rebasement in the future.  If these regulatory changes take effect, they will bring necessary and resources to the behavioral health system in Alaska.  Please join Denali Family Services in supporting this important initiative.  Public comment can be submitted by phone at (907)334-2220 or in writing to .  The period for public comment closes August 2nd at 5pm.

Starting July 1, 2018 Denali Family Services will begin to offer a $2,500 hiring bonus to successful applicants, internal or external, for FT and PT positions that have been vacant for at least 30 days. The bonus will be payable upon successful completion of a 90 evaluation. As of July 1, the following positions, will be eligible for the $2,500 bonus:
• Transition Facilitator (VAL)
• TFC Licensing Specialist (ANC & VAL)
• HR Coordinator (ANC)
If you’re interested in and qualified for any of these positions, please visit the employment page on our website.