DFS Supports Medicaid Rate Increase

July 12, 2018

The Medicaid behavioral health system in Alaska has not received a full rate rebasement in 25 years.  Since that time, the cost of care has consistently increased, as the cost of employee wages, rent, utilities, insurance, and all other business expenses, have continued to rise with inflation.  The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is now proposing a behavioral health rate rebasement to bring reimbursement rates inline with service costs, as well as formula adjustment to allow for automatic rebasement in the future.  If these regulatory changes take effect, they will bring necessary and resources to the behavioral health system in Alaska.  Please join Denali Family Services in supporting this important initiative.  Public comment can be submitted by phone at (907)334-2220 or in writing to .  The period for public comment closes August 2nd at 5pm.