DFS Signs with Qualifacts

June 15, 2018

Denali Family Services has contracted with Qualifacts to implement a new electronic health record, CareLogic, in FY19. CareLogic is a single, integrated solution for managing clinical, financial, and operational information across the organization, from treatment plans and outcomes analytics to claims, billing, and financial reporting. We believe this will enhance care while allowing us to expand services by optimizing staff time and reducing administrative burden. Todd Charest, Qualifacts Chief Product Officer, notes that “Denali Family Services is on the road toward data-driven, interoperability to inform care, and we are proud that CareLogic is taking them there.”  Through the analytic and administrative functionality offered by CareLogic, we anticipate dramatic improvements in our ability to efficiently manage client flow, track outcomes, and monitor program performance in real time. This will ultimately lead to more precise, responsive, and cost-effective healthcare delivery to clients.